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Global Mobility Humanities Conference 2019

Theme :
"Life, Thinking, and Culture in the Era of High Mobility"
Global Mobility Humanities Conference 2019 group photo
Global Mobility Humanities Conference 2019 poster


“Life, Thinking and Culture in the Era of High Mobility”

Date and Time: 2019년 10.25-10.26, 09:00 AM-18:30 PM

Place: UGOK International Conference Room, New Millennium Hall B2, Konkuk University 


The 2019 Global Mobility Humanities Conference (GMHC) organized by the Academy of Mobility Humanities with Kritika Kultra (Ateneo de Manila University) and UNITAS (University of Santo Tomas), was held successfully at New Millennium Hall in Konkuk University from October 25-26 with 100 researchers from 15 countries in attendance. The conference was supported by Konkuk University, National Research Foundation of Korea, and Ministry of Education. 


2019 GMHC explored the theme of “Life, Thinking, and Culture in the High-Mobility Era.” It aimed to deepen the existing 'mobility paradigm' which is centered on social sciences into the humanities. As a result, an interdisciplinary and convergent research platform centered on 'mobility' has been established, traversing the boundaries of social sciences and the humanities.

Seven prominent scholars from around the world gave keynote presentations, and 44 participants presented their work across 11 panels. The Asia Mobility Humanities Network advisors also participated in a roundtable to discuss the 2019 GMHC theme “Mobility humanities become ...: constellation of humanity, technology, and geography”.

Through these in-depth discussions, researchers from various disciplines, including literature, philosophy, aesthetics, sociology, anthropology, geography, media studies, and cultural studies, traversed their academic boundaries and discussed the possibilities for mobility humanities. 










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