Notice Opening Ceremony of AMH

Reg.Date 2018.09.07 Hit 120


KU Academy of Mobility Humanities (Director, Inseop Shin), which will lead researches on various forms of mobilities such as the development of mobile technology as well as the migration of people and goods, information and capital, was officially launched with the opening ceremony on Sep, 28th. 


The Academy of Mobility Humanities in Konkuk University was selected as the "2018 Humanities Korea Plus (HK +) Project" supported by the Ministry of Education and the National Research Foundation in May, 2018. The AMH (Academy of Mobility Humanities) will conduct researches on mobility humanities based on the co-evolution of humanity and technology: a future humanity-mobility society. AMH will be supported by a total of 7.1 billion won over the next seven years.


The AMH aims to study mobility and related social issues. Especially, the problem of 'high-mobility society' in which everything moves from one to another through the development of technology and the movement of people, information and capital. In doing so, it will focus on crises of life, culture, and thinking while pursuing the humanistic alternative solutions.


At the opening ceremony, Jae-eun Yoo, chairman of Konkuk University, said, "I think that the AMH that systematically approaches the mobility phenomenon emerging as a new paradigm in the field of social sciences. This is a meaningful event. Through creative and challenging researches I look forward to the AMH leading the domestic and international academic researches and presenting a new vision to modern society." In the congratulatory address, President Myung-sik Lee also said, "Humanities Korea Plus Project is a field of research where various fields of humanities, social sciences, and science/technology studies communicate and converge with each other." He also said that mobility humanities based on the mutual evolution of human beings and technology will “contribute greatly to the expansion of Konkuk University's research capacity through challenging and leading research that focuses on convergence, linkage, movement and change, which are keywords in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” 


In-Sup Shin, Director of AMH said, "the development of mobility technology may lead to a disruption of human society, a destruction of nature (life), a decline of common culture that weaves people together. It may also undermine thinking ability replacing it with search function. He also said that the rapid and massive movement based on advanced technology is happening locally and globally and “we will look into the problems of a high-mobility society and look for solutions." 


Pyeong-ho Ahn, head of the Humanities Foundation of the National Research Foundation, said, "Humanitarian aid projects are aimed at improving the quality of life in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by improving the crisis situation of the humanities. Based on the results of creative research accumulated through the Asian Diaspora Research Institute at Konkuk University, AMH at Konkuk University will become a world-class humanities research institute for the next seven years and one of the best achievements in HK+ Projects.“


KU AMH located on the 11th floor of the New Millennium Building at Konkuk University, has formed a network of overseas and domestic networks for global mobility research. It operates the HK + Mobility Humanities Education Center. AMH aims to engage actively with publics and contribute to the spread of knowledge and research among publics through ‘Mobility Humanities Hi-Story 100 Lectures.’​